Congratulation to Ciudad Real Rotary Club

Throughout its 25 years of life, the most successful social action taken by Ciudad Real´s Rotary Club has been the recent creation of the charitable children’s dining rooms in the province, which has granted many children in disadvantaged situations access to a decent meal. This program is alligned with Symaga´s social commitment towards specific regions and groups of people that are not able to feed themselves with dignity, as well as contributing to feed the world by an efficient grain storage.

The projects Symaga Group is promoting this year in partnership with the rotary club are not limited exclusively to the social canteen at a national level, moreover they go from the maintenance of computer classrooms for communities with limited resources,  to International actions such as delivering school materials to Bosnia and the recent construction of an hospital and school at Benin.

Luis Navarrete, the current president of Ciudad Real Rotary Club, has expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, highlighting the importance of this support and commitment from private companies with organizations that address social challenges.

Congratulations to Rotary Club, especially the one in Ciudad Real, for its great social labor, we invite you to visit them at

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024!

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