El Bisabuelo Eladio

El Bisabuelo Eladio is the brand that honours our ancestor, a farmer from Villarta de San Juan, who inherited this passion for cultivating and harvesting the fruits of the land. Currently the experience in the agricultural field has been extended to the direct management of 3500 ha located in La Mancha. Prime land for the cultivation of pistachio and almond, with abundant hours of sun and cold nights that favour an optimal ripening of the fruit.

We are very proud to sell only what we grow, with the guarantee of meeting high quality standards. Our large farms have processing and selection plants in the vicinity. Fruit processing is done immediately after harvesting fulfilling the main family premise, maximising quality to produce gourmet pistachios and almonds.

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El Bisabuelo Eladio belongs to the Garrido family, La Mancha entrepreneurs in the agricultural field, dedicated to the manufacture of industrial silos for grain storage since 1985. A few years ago, the Loma Pajarera farms were acquired, one of the largest pistachio plantations in the country with 192 hectares, 70 has organic; and Quinta Monteguerra, where almond tree plantation extends to 84,648 trees. The project for the production and commercialization of pistachios and almonds is structured, maintaining the premises of maximum quality in raw materials and investment in cutting-edge technology in the sector.
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