Fruit / Pistachios

Kerman variety

Our over 25-year-old Kerman variety trees produce exceptional quality and grade pistachios. The Kerman variety, of Persian origin, is perfectly adapted to the climate and soil of La Mancha, guaranteeing a large, round fruit, with a very high pistachio/peel yield.

We monitor the whole process


Non-roasted pistachios are offered. A healthy concept, without salt or additives, 100% pure flavour. A growing demand in a market where consumers are looking for a healthy diet. Open pistachio is marketed in its different grades, closed and peeled, all options undergo an exhaustive quality control.  

Farms / Pistachios

Loma Pajarera Farm. Own harvest



Processing / Pistachios

In the farm there is a processing plant where the pistachios are received at most 2h after they are collected, avoiding the proliferation of fungi that pistachio suffers after a few hours after its harvest.

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