End of Harvests 2023

The different varieties of almonds from El Bisabuelo Eladio guara, tuono, constantí, soleta, vairo, lauranne and marinada; are in the storage plant ready for marketing. The almond tree plantation is distributed across three farms, Quinta Monteguerra, La Sultana, and Loma Parajera with a total extension of 317ha and 84,965 trees located between 650m and 970m, a height that favors temperature oscillation, and the almonds development to get the quality of our Brand.

 The pistachios are received in the processing plant inside the Loma Pajarera farm, avoiding the proliferation of fungi that pistachio suffers a few hours after its harvest. In the following hours peeling and drying are done ensuring the preservation of all the organoleptic properties. During the last days of October, the calibers are classified.

 We ensure that pistachios and almonds have not only the best growing conditions but also the best processing to prepare for the journey to the final consumer who will be able to enjoy the best fruits.

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