365 days per year working on pistachios and almonds

Achieving the best fruits requires continuous care of the plantation. Rubén Cruz, our technician, tells us how since the end of the harvest maintenance work has been carried out on pistachios trees; this work is more careful in young trees. In the autumn and winter months pruning plan was followed for pistachios in production, adapted to the phenological state of the trees. For the coming summer months irrigation and fertilization calendar has been approved considering that it is a year of unloading in many of the plots, although there are areas where production will be concentrated.


« The harvest forecast for almond trees is high in irrigated áreas,” Rubén tells us. Maintenance work has also been carried out on the almond trees in addition to the different treatments according to the cycle of the plant and convenience. In winter months, we highlight manure both conventional and organic plantations, and disc reduction work.

The passion inherited from our great-grandfather Eladio for cultivating and harvesting the fruit is a maxim that leads us to take care of the plantation 365 days a, which ensures pistachios and almonds are of exceptional quality.

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