First organic harvest of almonds

In 2020, we are to be congratulated because we pick the first organic harvest of lauranne and vairo varieties. In the full harvest of almonds, our technician, Rubén Cruz, confirms the forecasts. The production is multiplied by four, the new plantations begin to bear fruit. This increase in production is also seen in the rest of the conventional plantations with the soleta, guara, marinada, and vairo varieties. For the almonds processing, this year we also estimate the improvement in the peeling and drying process, as a result of the experience of recent years.


The quality of the seed is good, and we expect its market price to stabilize. In recent months there has been a downward trend in the markets. COVID-19 has caused the closure of the HORECA channel, the practical disappearance of exports, we add the pressure exerted by American almond imports to the European Union.


The pistachio harvest will begin in a few weeks. Total production will be more substantial than in 2019 and the Fruit samplings collected is a great caliber. From El Bisabuelo Eladio we harvest with the illusion of offering the best almonds and pistachios, with the highest quality and food safety.

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