New sustainable and integral management of pistachios

In this year, el Bisabuelo Eladio implements a new sustainable and integral management of pistachios. In the last months of 2021, we have designed an improvement plan to set during this year.

Right now we are finalizing a pruning plan, that focuses on rejuvenation of adult plantations boosting the youngest branches and guidance until the formation of new plantations that have effects on the next years. For fertilizer, we have fixed an enriching soil with punctual nutritional contribution and Ferti-irrigation support at times of increased crop demand. Sustainability is a matter that we want to improve and for which we have been established an irrigation plan adapting consumption to crop demand at different stages of development. Our technician, Rubén Cruz, tells us that “We are satisfied because with improvement made, we hope to obtain an increase in production aligned to the protection of the natural environment where the farm is located, close to Natural Park of Ruidera lakes”.

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