Solidarity Challenge of Symaga 2021. Virtual Storage for La Palma

This year, the donations of Symaga Group focus on two projects, La Palma and Afghanistan. In Spain, the Palma volcano is affecting a large part of the island and its inhabitans, leaving without resources to the most disadvantaged. The Tenerife Food Bank is going to get a contribution from our Company and of the employees, who have made personal donations added to a solidarity challengue. Last November we proposed all the team a virtual storage silo where each euro donated is quantified in cubic metres. The challegue has thrown out more than 1.300 cubic metres. 

Many conflicts affect the world and cause malnutrition to thousands of people. Afghanistan is a country that has suffered conflicts for over four decades, with no end in sight. As in all conflicts, children take the worst part, and for this reason the second solidarity project that receives our collaboration is Save the Children. The NGO warns that “millions of Afghan children may suffer starvation due to increase of the price of food, drought and displacement”

The corporate mission of Symaga positions us as a company that helps feed the world. The storage of grain in metallic silos contributes to the improvement of grain conservation, and therefore optimizes harvests. This mission becomes the main principle for our social corporate responsibility, by which the company focuses its social support policy on those groups or areas that can´t feed themselves with dignity.


In Symaga, we appreciate the great work of these organizations, so we invite you to meet them at


We take this opportunity to wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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