Exports to the European market

El Bisabuelo Eladio start to increase its export rate, reaching 20% of haverst 2020´s production. Since its establishment, the producer, processor, and marketer of pistachio and almond, the Company is founded over an international foundation, due to the inertia exerted by belonging to the same group of companies as Symaga Group, which exceeds 95% Export rate.


The domestic market continues to be the first to commercialize our pistachios and almonds, because internal demand is strong, to date the imports exceed exports. In 2020 international situation was negative with a dropping market of 5.5%, causing the decrease in purchasing of China and the increased production and consumption stability in Europe. The 2021 forecast is positive.


The export trend of the Spanish market is definitely, due to high-quality production. El Bisabuelo Eladio follows this national trend because its corporate philosophy is based on maximizing quality to produce gourmet pistachios and almonds. Our internationalization in the next years is facilitated by organic pistachio and almond production, which have a high demand in Europe.

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