Sustainable cultive

At The Bisabuelo Eladio, we pride ourselves on sustainable farming, we promote environmentally friendly, fair, and profitable agriculture. The agriculture activity of our mains farms is focused on organic production, optimizing resources in a sustainable manner.

During pruning, the wood is chipped to incorporated into the soil as a organic material, avoiding the burning of the remains and the fire hazard. The grass that grows  between pistachios and almonds trees is mowed, chipped and left on the ground as mulch to provide nutrients to soil, reducing erosion and avoiding herbicides. For phytosanitary treatments we use product certified for organic farming, eliminating chemical pesticides. During fertigation,  organic fertilisers make the soil retain more water, improving the exchange capacity of soil, the basis of plant nutrition, and the soil structures.

This year, as a novelty for El Bisabuelo Eladio, we have installed beehives next to the organic almonds trees to  encourage the pollination, thus benefiting production and comitting ourselves to more sustainable cultivation to ensure the quality life of the bees and the wildlife in general.

Our objective is to achieve the best fruit without compromising the ability of future generation to continue to obtain the exceptional almonds and pistachios produced by El Bisabuelo Eladio.

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