Extension of the Pistachio Processing Plant. New refrigeration plant and new cleaning yard.

Last week, the installation of four refrigerated chambers was completed, to improve pistachio preservation. The project to expand El Bisabuelo Eladio pistachio processing plant began in mid-2020. The project included two parts: a new building that houses 4 refrigerated chambers, in Villarta de San Juan processing plant; and a cleaning yard in the Loma Pajarera plant.

The new refrigeration plant in Villarta de San Juan has four refrigerated chambers, with a total capacity of 2,392m3. The cooling power reaches a temperature of 6ºC, with a system that guarantees maximum energy efficiency. This supervision system allows exhaustive temperature control, with programming parameters in real-time, data export, and operating graphs.

The second part of the El Bisabuelo Eladio Project consists of a cleaning yard in Loma Pajarera, which was released in the last harvest campaign. The yard has facilitated waste management (leaves, sticks, pebbles), reducing the time and ensuring the quality of the pistachio cleaning process. A very favorable point of the internal quality assurance self-control system (HACCP), to be fulfilled and required by the health authorities.

Our technician, Rubén Cruz, confirms that the 2020 harvest, within a year off, has been optimal, reaching 45,000 kg of dry pistachio, with a large size of 18/20 of 80% of the production. The management of pistachio harvest will be optimized, by obtaining a guarantee of pistachio conservation, with a new refrigeration plant, which will preserve all the organoleptic characteristics of our pistachios, within the maxim of El Bisabuelo Eladio, enhancing the quality of the fruit.

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