Fertirrigation of our pistachio trees

Last week started with a new irrigation system on the Loma Pajarera farm. Our technician, Rubén Cruz, speaks about the advantages and the effect on both productivity and quality. Fertirrigation is carried out in both conventional and organic pistachio trees. The doses are adjusted to a vegetative cycle of the crop, trying to cover the demand for nutrients without forgetting the natural environment.

Fertilization control decreases groundwater pollution caused by fertilizer leaching. In this way, we achieve a more rational and sustainable use of water, as well as fertilizers with a minimal environmental impact, one of the objectives set out in the new sustainable and comprehensive management plan for El Bisabuelo Eladio pistachios trees, that was implemented at the beginning of the year. 

Despite reducing labor cost and increasing fertilizer efficiency, the new irrigation system also has disadvantages such as high investment in infrastructure, the need to install a fertilization injection control system and its requires highly qualified personnel with technician knowledge on the subject; and continuous maintenance to avoid blockage of irrigation drippers due to incompatibility between the different fertilizer, with the irrigation water or due to a short dissolution.

Bisabuelo Eladio has focused on sustainability over heavy investment involved in the new irrigation system, aligning production, and environmental protection.


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