New corporate video

We release a new corporate video that gives an insight into the brand, El Bisabuelo Eladio that honours our ancestor, who inherited this passion for cultivating and harvesting the fruits of the land. Vídeo focus on our competitive advantages as a pistachio and almonds producer. Loma Pajarera Farm, one of the largest pistachio production farms in Spain. In the farm there is a processing plant where the pistachios are received at most 2h after they are collected. Our over 25-year-old Kerman variety trees produce exceptional quality and grade pistachios. The almond tree plantation is distributed across three farms with a total extension of 317 ha and 84,965 trees. A few kilometres away from Quinta Monteguerra is the new almond storage and drying plant, with a one million kilograms storage capacity. Storing almonds in silos ensures perfect conservation. We are very proud to sell only what we grow, with the guarantee of meeting high quality standards We want to make that message in this new corporate video that we invite you to watch it.





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