Government representative of Ciudad Real visited to us

Carmen Teresa Olmedo Pedroche, “Delegada de la Junta” in Ciudad Real, and Prado Amores, Province Director of Agriculture, they visited Agropecuaria de Frutos Secos SL. facilities few days ago. They visited the new storage and dry almonds plants with 1M kg of capacity. They were interested in the new business lines development growth projects of the company, especially by the new brand, El Bisabuelo Eladio, that commercialize almonds and pistachio. During the journey they were able to verify the investment in the almonds plant and pistachio sorting plant.

On behalf of the company (Agropecuaria de Frutos Secos SL) we would like to thank them for their support to the business growth throw technical support and aid programs.  is thanks to them for growing companies willingness fand also thanks support to us for aid and grants plan.

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