Corporate responsibility. Ukraine and the importance of securing food supplies in Ethiopia

Since last February Europe and the World are struggling with a war that is causing the price of energy and basic foods to destabilize. In this context Symaga Group is providing the Association of Ukrainians of Alcázar de San Juan with financial support to better cope with their difficult circumstances. Apart from this, the workers  have done their part in volunteering with different local campaigns aimed at collecting winter clothes, non-perishable foods and hygiene products for Ukraine, which took place in March and most recently during the past months of November and December.

The current energy crisis, together with the ongoing consequences of the postcovid era, is responsible for food shortages in the most disadvantaged countries. “It is estimated that 33 million of people in Ethiopia have to face food scarcity” highlights ADS, a NGO actively engaged in promoting various development projects in this country since 2005, whose goals are aligned with our corporate mission: helping regions that are unable to feed themselves with dignity. For this reason, we have collaborated with this project, which goes beyond food safety. We invite you to know its great actions

Social responsibility is not only international, we also support our community nearby, to such an extent that ENACH has awarded Symaga team with a special recognition. This way we hope to contribute to achieving the objectives of this association. Other collaborations that have been made this year 2022 with AFIM Foundation and with Villarta de San Juan Cancer Association

We emphasize its admiration for the work of these organizations which support social causes and would like you to share their significant projects with you.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2023!

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